For nearly 50 years the environmental movement has unsuccessfully argued that we should save the planet for moral reasons.  It has been argued that there are more important things than money. Ironically, with the imminent environmental crisis, it will be about money because an environmental crisis will lead us down an economic sewer.  It will be about money because humanity is faced with harmful climate change, a rate of population growth around the world resulting in resource depletion.  Because of these facts, and to avert a catastrophe, sweeping changes in how we live and think about consumption and behavior will have to change.

Experts agree the earth is full and this truth will define our times. This is not a philosophical statement; this is just science based in physics, chemistry and biology. There are many science-based analyses of this, but they all draw the same conclusion that we're living beyond our means. This is referred to as our global footprint.  Several years ago we surpassed the breakeven point and today we need over 1.5 earths to sustain our existing consumption in our current economy.  In financial terms, this 1.5 earths is equivalent to every dollar you earn, you would spend $1.50.  Many leaders around the world believe their number #1 challenge is "population growth.”  Indications of this problem have been revealed during the recession of the past three years with oil and food prices approaching record highs.  We are living beyond the environmental footprint allotted to us.  Mother Earth is revealing this condition and we need to listen and act - now!

So how does buying cork rather than leather or man-made materials have anything to do with this imminent crisis?  The cork tree is the only tree in the world that can be completely stripped of its bark and not die!  The cork tree is not harmed or cut down to produce the cork.  Longevity and regeneration are unique properties of this amazing tree. After the tree has been harvested of the outer layer of cork bark, it regenerates the valuable outer layer and can be harvested every 9 years for up to 200-250 years.  Cork naturally sequesters carbon and is biodegradable. A cork oak tree absorbs up to 500% more carbon than one that isn’t harvested.  Each ton of natural cork holds about 2 tons of carbon dioxide.  In fact, this storage of carbon is what enables the tree to regenerate bark, the outer fibrous layer that is used to make many products that many of us have bought previously made out of leather. Cork is an all-natural alternative to leather and is equally as durable, is lighter weight, is naturally waterproof and is easy to clean.  Animal farming and the production of leather consumes an exorbitant amount of energy and is toxic to the environment. 

At this time of severe environmental degradation, it just makes sense to make wiser and conscientious buying decisions.  Can you imagine humanity standing idly by while the environment collapses leading to an economic collapse.  Can you afford to stand idly by?  I can’t imagine humanity making that choice.  Our survival as a species is at risk.  Become part of the movement as a conscious citizen to make buying decisions that just makes sense.