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Cork Tree Designs was one of the first companies to offer cork fashion accessories in the U.S.A.  Our cork bags and cork jewelry are the finest in the world. Our cork jewelry is uniquely designed and handmade in Florida.

Cork is a natural and renewable resource. You might be wondering where cork comes from? Cork comes from the bark of the cork tree. The cork tree is not destroyed to harvest the cork bark. The bark is carefully peeled away and regenerates in a 9 year cycle. If properly cared for, the tree will live up to 250 years. Virtually all of the world’s cork trees grow in the western Mediterranean region and the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal’s forests are the most productive and supply over half of the world’s cork. Cork is beautiful, lightweight, water-resistant, stain-resistant, is as durable as leather, and is silky-soft and supple.

Our relationship with the Portuguese began in 2010 and our partnerships have flourished since then. Our business continues to evolve and grow along with our brand of cork jewelry for both men and women under the brand name Sughero. All of our cork is sourced from Portugal. The unmatched artistry and raw beauty of nature can be found in the natural elements of our products. Treat yourself or a loved one to a gift from nature.

For information about becoming a valued retailer, contact us at sales@corktreedesigns.com


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