Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Cork Bracelets

Women's Beaded Cork Bracelet

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Cork Bracelets

The Cork Tree – An Amazing Tree in the Plant Kingdom

Did you know that all cork is bark?  Did you know that the cork bark is from the cork tree?  Most cork is grown and supplied from Portugal.  Portugal is our only supplier of cork fabric and cork rope.  Watch the cork trees being harvested in Portugal – click here.  Cork bark is eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, lightweight, and water proof.

The Eco-Friendly Cork Tree

The cork tree it is one of the most highly renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet. In fact, harvesting the cork tree helps fight global warming.  How you ask?  All trees are eco-friendly because of respiration.  Tree respiration is the process of a tree taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The amount of carbon dioxide being held by the tree is called carbon sequestration.  The trees sequesters carbon dioxide and stores it in their trunks, branches, leaves, roots, and bark.

Cork Fabric-Eco-Friendly Cork Bracelets

Because of the unique properties of the cork bark,  the cork fabrics are vegan, stain-resistant, water resistant, durable, and lightweight.  The fabrics are silky soft and easy to clean.  Just use water to clean your cork product.  If needed, add a little bit of mild soap.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to restore your cork to it’s original appearance.

Our Customer

We make our products for the environmentally conscious person.  Yet, many or our customers buy our products for their natural beauty and because they are attractive, lightweight, and functional.  Your purchase of our cork products support many people in Portugal.   Your purchase of cork jewelry or cork purse supports the environment!  The trees are one of the most important filters around the world. You can rest-assured, a cork handbag is as durable as a leather bag.  And as you now know, cork is good for the environment.  Cork Tree Designs provides our customers with the highest quality cork products at the best value.

Thank you for considering the purchase of our eco-friendly and sustainable cork bracelets. We appreciate your business and helping us to grow our message of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

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